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June 28, 2018 The LedgerJune 28, 2018 The Ledger

MHSArt Students Bring WorksTo Friends University

Posted 3/17/2016

By Randy

WICHITA – Moundridge High School art students received nine award certificates – including three for first place – Friday, March 4, at the Friends University art show in Wichita.

More than 500 students from the Wichita area took place in the event, said Kelsi Chisholm, art instructor for the Moundridge School District. This was the sixth year for Moundridge students to bring artwork to the show.

“Except for last year, this is the most successful year we have had,” Chisholm said.

She said while the artwork was being judged, students participated in art competitions.

Chisholm noted Moundridge students earned six awards for the artwork they brought and another three in the art competitions.

Senior Taylor Kilborn earned a first-place with an oil painting, while junior Kayla Frazer took first for a paper relief project and junior Brandon Porter finished first in metal relief.

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Developer WantsTo Bring Hotel To Moundridge

Posted 3/17/2016

By Randy

MOUNDRIDGE – Councilman Kent Winsky liked what he saw during a proposal to bring a 60-room Best Western Hotel to Moundridge.

The developer who is interested in bringing the project to the city was unable to attend the Moundridge City Council meeting Monday, March 7, but council members learned enough that they wanted to get more information about the project.

Winsky said a study that had been completed last year showed there is a need for a hotel in Moundridge.

“I think it’s exciting,” Winsky said. “I’d like to do whatever we can that is reasonable to help them to build here.

“I think it’s a benefit to our manufacturing plants to have something here,” Winsky added.

Council members asked staff to bring a formal package in the near future for the hotel project.

City Administrator Randy Frazer said the developer was also seeking approval for his project from Best Western.

“The design (for the hotel) is unique,” Frazer said. “There’s nothing like it in the area.”

Frazer said the hotel would feature station where electrical cars could be charged.

Frazer explained the rooms would be “a little smaller than a normal” hotel. Rooms would also feature wooden floors and would have low-flow toilets and sinks, Frazer added.

The hotel would also have a small meeting room, which would have room for 50 people.

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Inventor’s Fair MES Fourth Graders Solve Practical Problems With Ideas

Posted 3/17/2016

By Randy

MOUNDRIDGE – Fourth graders at Moundridge Elementary School wanted to solve problems at home with their creations for the Inventor’s Fair, which was held Tuesday, March 1, at the multipurpose room.

Fourth-grade teachers Ann Koehn and Syndi Wilson said they were “very impressed” with the students’ ideas.

“They came up with a lot of practical things this year,” Wilson said.

A total of 29 fourth graders took part in the fair. All of the elementary students, the families of fourth-grade students and the community in general, were invited to the fair.

The fourth graders were required to have a presentation to give visitors who stopped to take a look at their inventions, Koehn said.

Koehn said the students spent two weeks learning about inventions and the process inventors go through to come up with their products. Students had two weeks to come up with their invention.

Koehn said three judges reviewed the inventions during the fair and decided on a top 10 list.

The winning invention is sent on to the National Museum of Education’s invention contest, Koehn said. In the last three years, two Moundridge winners have been recognized as one of the monthly winners. The student received a certificate and a $100 prize.

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Pine Village AdministratorHuxman Describes Job As ‘Absolutely, Wonderful Experience’

Posted 3/17/2016


By Randy

MOUNDRIDGE – Jim Huxman said his 15 years as the Pine Village administrator has been rewarding.

“On May 13, I will turn age 70,” Huxman said. “I told my wife I wanted to work up until age 70, but I didn’t want to keep doing long-term health care at age 70. My last day will be May 12.”

There will be a retirement reception for Huxman at 6:15 p.m., Thursday, May 12, in the Pine Village Wellness Center.

Huxman said he interviewed for the administrator position at what was then called Memorial Home in the living room of Virgil Goering, who was chairman of the Memorial Home Board of Directors.

“It’s been an absolutely wonderful experience here,” Huxman added. “My family is related to a number of people in the Moundridge community. My mother was a Krehbiel.”

In addition, Huxman became familiar with the Moundridge community when he attended Bethel College and worked for Kidron Bethel in North Newton.

During his 15 years at Pine Village, Huxman said, “there has been some growth.”

He noted the current Pine Village campus would soon be full. There are plans to build four more homes.

Health care for the elderly has seen plenty of changes, Huxman said. Pine Village has added its Meadowbrook Neighborhood, a dementia care unit.

A few years ago, Huxman said Medicare decided to give care homes more reimbursements to provide short-term beds for patients who are healing from surgeries.

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