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Health Fair Brings In Kids, Adults

Posted 9/1/2016

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

INMAN – Children were busy climbing in and out of the nine vehicles in the Touch A Truck activity while adults gathered health information during Inman Wellness Center’s Health Fair Saturday, Aug. 27, in Inman.

Christian Wagler, age 2, of Inman, pretended to steer as he sat in the cab of a dry fertilizer applicator that MKC’s Groveland location sent to the event.

“This is so fun,” Christian’s mom, Becky Wagler, said. “I think Christian is really enjoying it. He’s excited to see the trucks.”

Kelly Turcotte, of Inman, brought her two daughters to see the vehicles, Aoife Turcotte, age 8, and Loki Turcotte, age 5.

“It’s awesome,” Kelly Turcotte said. “They have enjoyed it.”

“It’s good,” Aoife Turcotte said. “I like the ambulance best.”

There was a McPherson County-sponsored ambulance on display, an Inman Fire Department truck and an Inman Police Department vehicle.

Daniel Knapp, the agriculture teacher at Inman High School, assisted with Touch A Truck.

“We had been hoping for a few more agricultural vehicles,” Knapp said. “It’s the time of the year when stuff is being used in the fields. Besides, this is the first year for the event.”

Knapp noted a steady stream of parents and children checked out the vehicles, which were located in the parking lot next to the wellness center.

Knapp said 3-D Trenching and Backhoe brought one of its dump trucks and a skid steer.

“That’s the good thing about this community,” Knapp said. “You tell the community you’re wanting to do a project and you have so many wanting to help out.”

Knapp said he was hoping the Touch A Truck activity would be done next year.

“It lets kids look into vehicles they see regularly in the community,” he said.

Inside the wellness center, Raymond Osborn, of Inman, said the health fair is “good for the community.”

He said events like the health fair are why he has remained in Inman.

“For a small town, Inman is hard to beat,” Osborn said.

Kayla King, with King Nutritional Services in Hutchinson, was among the 12 vendors at the fair. Along with nutritional information, King was giving people biometric checks.

“People have questions about nutrition and diet,” King said. “We want to get people to eat more nutritional food.”

She stressed people should eat less processed foods.

“We’re encouraging people to cook meals at home,” she noted.

King said she talked to visitors about meal planning and what to look for when reading labels when at the grocery store.

She added parents should have their children eat healthy foods.

“That’s a big responsibility of parents to have their children eat healthy,” King said.

King said she gives diet advice to people with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

She noted she encourages people to eat healthy 80 percent of the time. King added it was OK for people to occasionally go off their diets.

“It’s what you do every day that make a difference,” King said. “Moderation is the key.”

Kendee Schroeder, director of the wellness center, said there was a steady stream of visitors to the health fair.

She noted the center’s board would take a look at what it can do to help with parking concerns with the health fair and high school volleyball tournament going on at the same time.

“We like the August date,” Schroeder said.