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June 28, 2018 The LedgerJune 28, 2018 The Ledger

More Cattle Than People; Huxman Says Raising Cattle Is Rewarding

Posted 8/11/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

MOUNDRIDGE – Gary Huxman, of rural Moundridge, said he considered raising cattle to be “fun” and “rewarding.”

The business is fun when you are “making money,” Huxman said.

A rewarding aspect of working cattle is where you do your job.

“You’re out in the country,” Huxman said. “You’re not in a building working at a machine.”

“The outdoors can be peaceful,” Huxman’s son Bryson added.

Huxman, whose farm is located three miles east of Moundridge, has spent the last 40 years in farming. He has been involving with buying and selling cattle since he was 13 to 14 years old.

McPherson County Extension Agent for Agriculture Shad Marston said cattle were a “very important” part of farming in the county.

He noted many farmers in the county raise livestock as a side to their crop production. Marston noted raising livestock was something farmers could do throughout the year.

Huxman has a large cattle herd for southern McPherson County.

Huxman and Marston were not surprised that Kansas was one of nine states in this country with more cattle than people. The website reported the information. The site did not indicate the year the data was reported.

Kansas was ranked sixth with twice as many cattle – 5.8 million – to people – 2.9 million. South Dakota was ranked first with 3.65 million cattle, compared to 844,877 people. (See the attached graphic for information on the other states.)

“There are so many feedlots and meatpacking plants in Western Kansas,” Huxman said.

As a teenager, Huxman would buy calves at the Hesston sale barn for him to raise and sell.

“I have a love for cattle,” Huxman said. “We do it a lot different now then we did growing up.”

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From Our Gardens To Your Tables Moundridge Farmer’s Market Thriving

Posted 8/11/2017


Ledger Staff 

GARDENER Vern Demel had jalapenos, tomatoes, kohlrabi and squash for sale on Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market. GARDENER Vern Demel had jalapenos, tomatoes, kohlrabi and squash for sale on Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market.

The Moundridge Farmer’s Market is in full swing this summer with residents brining garden-grown produce, as well as homemade treats. 

Residents can pick up produce at the Cole Street Museum on Saturdays, beginning at 8 a.m. through 11 a.m.  Farmers Market shoppers are encouraged to get to the market early for the cream of the crop.

Debbi Lichti was there with her grandchildren, Preslie and Piper Doane to pick up produce and a treats. 

“I get vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers; I got some jalapenos today. We get red onions, yellow onions, anything,” she said.

Stopping at a stand run by Cara Craig selling baked goods and honey, Preslie and Piper both picked up one of Craig’s monster cookie bars. 

Preslie said she enjoyed coming to the market with her Gigi because she is sure to get a treat. 

“Sometimes, when Gigi gets off work and comes by herself. Sometimes after work she invites us to come with her.  I like the monster cookie bars, and some of the breads,” said Preslie.

Her sister, Piper, agreed the monster cookie bars were some of the best treats at the market.

“I’m here just about every week. We all try to come,” said Lichti. 

Demand for fresh produce keeps area gardeners like Vern Demel coming every week to sell in-season vegetables. 

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Round Straw Bale Decorating Contest Part Of 2017 SantaFe Days

Posted 8/11/2017

For the Ledger

INMAN – The Inman Chamber of Commerce and Santa Fe Days 2017 invite your team to participate in the return of the Round Straw Bale Decorating Contest.

 Entrants can be individuals, families, groups, businesses, churches, organizations but at least one member of the team must have an Inman mailing address.

Entry fee is $10 per team. Make checks payable to Inman Chamber of Commerce and return with your registration form no later than Friday, Sept. 15.

The straw bales will be located adjacent to the Inman Historical Museum’s 1870 House, between Center Street, Front Street, and the railroad tracks in Inman. Entrants do not bring in their own bales.

One straw bale will be provided per entry up to a maximum of ten (10) total.

You will be notified when the straw bales are in place so you can begin decorating them. You will have approximately 5 days to decorate your straw bale.

A prize will be awarded for the straw bale chosen by the people viewing them (people’s choice). There will be a box on site for this purpose on Saturday, Sept. 23 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The winner will be announced at the conclusion of the Lions Club Kids’ Fishing Derby at approximately 5:30 p.m. on Saturday Sept. 23 at Lambert Park. The winner does not need to be present for this announcement.

The prize is half of the total entry fees. If all 10 bales are decorated, you could win $50. If only 6 bales are decorated, the prize will be $30.

Bales will be placed either upright or horizontal (lying on its side), as you indicate on your registration form.

Bales cannot be moved from their position. Decorations used on your bale should be securely fastened to the bale and be wind-proof and water-proof. You may cover your bale with a tarp or other materials to protect it.

Decorated straw bales will be on display from Sept. 23 to Oct. 4 You must remove your decorations by Oct. 4. The bales will be picked up by Oct. 6. Paint may be applied to the bale and the grass adjacent to the bale. No political signs or messages.

If students are on a team, at least one member of the team must be age 18 or older and be the contact person.

A Bale may not be dissembled in any way; the wrapping around the bale may not be removed, but it can have small cuts in order to position decorations.

Questions may be addressed to Diane Miller, Santa Fe Days 2017 Coordinator at or 620-585-2670,  landline phone, do not text to this number).

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