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June 28, 2018 The LedgerJune 28, 2018 The Ledger

Anchored In Excellence Students Hear Importance of Building Classmates Up During Wildcat Day

Posted 2/9/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

MOUNDRIDGE - Dustin Galyon, men’s basketball coach at Hesston College and motivational speaker, talked to all USD 423 students about giving their best in everything they did. He said the best thing they can do is build someone else up as part of Wildcat Day Wednesday, Feb. 1, in the Moundridge High School gymnasium.

Wildcat Day has become an annual event involving all students in the school district, from kindergarten to 12th grade, as well as administrators, teachers and staff. It was designed as a time for students to interact with each and form bonds.

Galyon graduated from Sterling High School, went to Hesston College and then to a small college in Virginia to continue playing basketball. He is now in his seventh season coaching the Hesston men’s team.

“His message is always upbeat and energetic,” MHS Principal Hilarie Hecox said. “We knew that he would speak to a range of people that would all take different portions of his message to heart.”

Galyon said at his college in Virginia, the head coach required all of his players to work with Special Olympics athletes. The players are matched up with players for one-on-one work. He said his player was Roger.

“Leaders are all about having the willingness to serve others,” Gaylon said.

He stressed Roger “brought his best every day.”

“I purpose you go out to make a difference,” Gaylon told the students. “Whether it’s positive or negative it’s up to you.”

To end their workout sessions, Gaylon said they would shoot 50 layups. Of those attempts, Roger would make two.

“When he had success, he had a dance party,” Gaylon said. “Are you celebrating your successes?”

He asked students to name someone they know who “does their best each and every day.”

Gaylon gave students a small break to talk to each other about their choices.

One person mentioned by several students was custodian Annie Toews.

“I do love my job here,” Toews said. “But more than what I do, it’s who I do it for. The staff here is wonderful.

“I found that if I ask, they are willing to help out where/when they can,” Toews continued. “Truly for me it’s about the kids. I want to be proud of where they come from and how we look inside and out.

“It is amazing to know that they are watching and you can make a difference,” she added.

Gaylon asked the students about their favorite activity during recess. As a fifth-grader, Gaylon said he liked to play basketball and he would give concerts, singing Garth Brooks' music.

He also had a collection of G.I. Joe figures.

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Bradbury Takes Part In Wear Red Day

Posted 2/9/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

MOUNDRIDGE – Many in the Bradbury Company’s Moundridge location were wearing red Friday, Feb. 3, and not to just show support for Moundridge High School.

The Bradbury Wellness Committee encouraged employees to take part in National Wear Red Day in support of Heart Health Awareness Month.

Shonda Fast, chair for the wellness committee, said she was definitely pleased with the level of participation.

“It was good to see the number of employees we have who realize how heart disease can be debilitating to victims,” Fast said.

She noted she sent employees reminder emails about wearing red that day. Fast said she was pleased to hear employees encourage each other the day prior to the event about wearing red clothing.

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Johnson Gives Inman Chamber Hospital Update

Posted 2/9/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

INMAN – Ken Johnson, president and chief executive officer for Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, gave an update on the hospital to members of the Inman Chamber of Commerce during its meeting Friday, Feb. 3, at the Harvest Café.

Johnson said the hospital was getting a new intensive care unit (ICU).

“We’re excited about it,” Johnson said.

He noted the hospital building was 40 years ago, and last year the emergency room was renovated and expanded.

Johnson said Hutchinson would have a 15-bed ICU.

“We need to expand the footprint (of the building),” Johnson said. “There’s a need for a much larger space.”

He noted each room in the ICU would be a “family zone.” He explained research had shown patients reacted better when they have family near them.

In addition, all electrical outlets and medical equipment usually located in the wall at the head of the bed will be placed above it, Johnson said.

“We will have 360 (degrees) of space for physicians and nurses to work around the patient,” he added. “We’re excited about the technology available for it.”

Johnson talked about Hutchinson’s hospitalist program. A hospitalist is a physician who is dedicated to hospital care for patients. He added that the hospital has physicians on-duty 24 hours a day.

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