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Fourth Graders Show Off Inventions

Posted 3/2/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

MOUNDRIDGE – Avery Schrag, a fourth grader at Moundridge Elementary School, developed an idea to keep messy eaters a little bit cleaner. Schrag showed her Wrist Bib during the Inventor’s Fair Tuesday, Feb. 21, at the school’s cafeteria.

“When little kids wipe their mouths on their sleeves when they’re eating, they get messy,” Schrag said.

She noted she drew a pattern for her two-piece bib on a washcloth. Schrag said her grandmother helped her to sew the two pieces together. She put Velcro on the bibs to fasten it around the user’s wrist.

Schrag said she used Velcro “so it can fit all sizes.”

She said she got the idea from watching her younger sister, who would use her sleeve to wipe her mouth.

“My mom thought it was a good idea,” Schrag said.

Judges selected Schrag’s Wrist Bib as the top invention at this year’s fair.

“There are some strong inventions this year,” Fourth-grade teacher Ann Koehn said. “They thought things through this year.”

All 27 fourth graders worked on an invention. At the fair, parents, grandparents and other MES classes viewed the inventions.

Koehn and Syndi Wilson are the two fourth-grade teachers.

“They’re pretty excited about it,” Wilson said of the fair. “It’s good for them to have to do a presentation and explain their inventions to the other children and parents who come to it.”

Wilson said the fourth grader must decide on a problem and come up with a solution for it.

“It’s fun for them to be able to do it,” Wilson said.

Koehn noted the judges are looking for creative and original ideas.

The students had a couple of weeks to work on their inventions.

“There’s a lot that are very good,” Koehn said. “I think there are some beneficial things.

“They understood it well,” Koehn said of the inventive process. “They had good parental support.”

Following Schrag, here is a look at the other top 10 inventions:

• Second - BB Skills Trainer, Kepple Adolf;

• Third – Bite Detector, Ethan Blaylock;

• Fourth – The Recycle Car, Elijah Jantz;

• Fifth – No Lookers, Henry Hecox;

• Sixth – The Easy Glass Magnet, Kalen Schmidt;

• Seventh – Funny Fred Feeder, John Hochstetler;

• Eighth – Football Wars, Layton Wiens;

• Ninth – EZ Pour, Bear Moddelmog; and

• 10th – Tailgate Plate, Reid Graber.

Schmidt said he developed his invention – The Easy Glass Magnet – as a way to pick up broken glass.

He explained he used double-sided tape to get the glass off the ground. Schmidt said his invention worked when he tried it.

He added he only needed a couple of minutes for his invention.

Moddelmog said a younger sibling helped him to come up with his idea, EZ Pour.

“My little sister would spill the milk when she poured it out of the gallon,” Moddelmog said.

His invention is a plastic milk jug with a spigot in the middle of it.

Moddelmog said he needed three days to come up with his invention.

He noted his little sister, who is in the second grade, was able to use the EZ Pour.

Here is look at some of the other inventions the fair.

Elle Seeger came up with the Super Duper Deluxe Picker as a way to pick mulberries.

Her invention had an open upside down umbrella attached to a wooden pole. Seeger said the user would hook a branch with the umbrella handle and shake it, sending berries into the umbrella.

She said her dad suggested putting a blade in the curve of the umbrella handle to allow the user to cut apples or other pieces of fruit.

Seeger said she needed two days to come up with her idea.

She added she planned to test it once mulberries are in season.

Layla Jackson invented the Jackson Window.

“My problem was in the summer, when the windows were rolled down, bugs would come into the car and bite me,” Jackson said.

Her idea was to place a screen in the car window frame.

“I was thinking about this invention during the summer,” Jackson said.


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Honeycutt Resigns From Inman BOE

Posted 3/2/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

INMAN - Kevin Honeycutt announced his resignation from the USD 448 Board of Education at the end of the regular board meeting Monday, Feb. 20, at the central office.

Honeycutt’s resignation was effective at the end of the meeting. He had served on the board from July of 2005, to February of 2017. His seat will be up for election this November.

“I was out of town for 300 days last year,” Honeycutt said. “I’m not able to attend a lot of the meetings. I was able to take part in the meeting online.”

Honeycutt, creator of the “Artsnacks” learning community, is an international keynote speaker on technology, education and cyber-bulling. With Artsnacks, he shares more than 150 10-minute drawing videos that support standardized curriculum.

Honeycutt and his wife have an adult child. They added a second child almost two years ago.

“We now have a 22-month-old at home,” Honeycutt said. “That child is taking up the extra time I happen to have.

“The board deserves someone who can focus on it,” he added.

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State Presents PEAK 2.0 Award To Pine Village

Posted 3/2/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

MOUNDRIDGE – Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) Secretary Tim Keck present Pine Village with an award Wednesday, Feb. 24, at the Pine Village Chapel.

Pine Village received a Promoting Excellent Alternatives in Kansas Nursing Homes (PEAK) 2.0 award for providing person-centered care for its residents.

“I commend the state for pursing this program and make the PEAK program a priority,” Pine Village Administrator Shelby Shaw said. “At the end of the day, it’s the right thing for the elders and it improves the quality of care.”

Pine Village was one of 10 nursing facilities statewide to receive the Mentor Home Award.

“As a mentor home, we allow other nursing homes from across the state to watch how we do our PEAK program,” Shaw said.

The other mentor homes in Kansas are Pleasant View Home in Inman, Meadowlark Hills in Manhattan, Evergreen Community of Johnson County in Olathe, Brewster Health Care in Topeka, Medicalodges of Columbus in Columbus and Dooley Center in Atchison.

“It’s always a journey,” Shaw said of PEAK. “Our residents change and we change to meet their needs.”

The state was recognizing 15 adult care homes in Kansas for their achievements in PEAK.

“I am here today to acknowledge Pine Village’s ongoing commitment to person-centered care and to providing a strong sense of community to the residents of this facility,” Keck said.

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