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Voters Voice ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ ‘Maybe’ Opinions

Posted 3/10/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

MOUNDRIDGE – Potential voters were voicing “yes,” “no” and “maybe” opinions about the proposed $20.9 million bond issue for the Moundridge School District during a community meeting Saturday, March 4, at Grace Crossing Church.

Katy Schrag, a member of the second school district task force, expressed her opposition to the bond.

“I think there’s a large percentage of the community that can’t afford a tax increase,” Schrag said.

Del Hueske said he was “on the fence” on the bond.

Jason Rains said he was supportive of the bond issue. He noted it allowed the district to be a good steward with its safety and security pieces as well as the savings and efficiencies components.

“I always want to be part of promoting our schools to help our kids in the future,” Rains said. “It’s a very encouraging thing to me.”

Schrag said the bond issue included too many wants and not enough needs.

“I feel there’s a lot of fluff,” she said.

She admitted “fluff” might not be the right word, but she had concerns about some things in the bond issue.

Schrag said she was opposed to the new competition gymnasium.

She was also against closing Moundridge Elementary School.

“We’ll be losing a tremendous playground,” she said.

Hueske said he could see the needs of the school district to improve the schools, as well as concerns of those with fixed incomes about a tax increase.

“I’m not sure if they dropped the price enough,” Hueske said.

Voters had turned down a $23.8 million bond issue last year.

Rains said the improvements to the school district should make Moundridge attractive to young families.

He noted education and young people were among the most important topics for him.

“I’m willing to pay more in property taxes for this bond issue,” Rains said. “You have to adjust your budget for it.”

Rains said he knows there are people who are concerned about the tax implications of the bond.

“When we moved from Indiana, the education system was something we really like about Moundridge,” Rains said.

Superintendent George Leary had a presentation on the bond and he answered attendees’ questions on issue.

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Inman Fifth Graders Portray Historical Figures, Pro Athletes For ‘Museum’

Posted 3/10/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

INMAN – Kambrey Woods, a fifth grader at Inman Elementary School, portrayed Anne Edson Taylor, who is known as the queen of Niagara Falls, for a wax museum.

“She was 63-years-old and she went over Niagara Falls in a barrel and survived,” Woods said. “I had never heard of her before and Mrs. (Kelly) Turcotte talked to me about her. I thought she were pretty cool.”

The 34 fifth-grade students of Cameron Traxson and Turcotte spent two hours as performers in a wax museum.  The fifth graders parents, as well as the other students at IES, were invited to the museum, which was held in the early learning wing at the school.

Woods said she enjoyed the project.

“It was really fun,” Woods said. “You got to dress up.”

As Taylor.  Woods said she wore “a big dress and hat.” She added her dad helped make a barrel for her costume.

“I had never heard of anyone going over Niagara Falls in a barrel,” Woods said. “She (Edson) never gave up and she always worked to pursue her dreams.”

Woods said the students had two weeks to research their person. Students had to memorize a speech. Woods said her was about four minutes long.

She said she learned Edson owned a finishing school and gave dancing lessons.

“She told kids how to use their manners, which fork to use and to sit up straight,” Woods said.

Traxson said all of the students did well with the project. He noted the students seemed ready to give their presentations.

“They found out about their characters and brought them to life,” Traxson said.

He noted this is the fourth year for the museum.

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Television Show To Visit Inman

Posted 3/10/2017

By Randy Fogg

The Ledger Staff

INMAN – “Street Rodding American Style,” which can be seen locally on KPTS, will come to film the Inman Classic Car Show, Saturday, April 22, Show Coordinator Lori Kearns said.

Kearns talked about the show to members of the Inman Chamber of Commerce during the Chamber meeting Friday, March 3, at the Harvest Café.

“It doesn’t happen every day that we have a TV crew come to Inman,” Kearns said. “I think it’s pretty cool.”

“Street Rodding American Style” films car shows across Kansas.

Kearns had talked to show officials about the Inman event when she met them last year at the Lindsborg car show.

“Some of the people who came to our show might have put in some good words about us,” Kearns said.

With the television show in town, Kearns said she wanted to find plenty of volunteers to make sure the Inman show went smoothly. Kearns stressed each volunteer job “is simple.”

This year Kearns said she decided not to divide the cars into classes, which is mainly based on the years the vehicle was manufactured.

While she has not settled on a number, Kearns suggested it could be the top 30 or 40 vehicles.

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